Thanks for checking out my Portfolio! I've created this page especially for you. I'd like to take you on a musical journey through some of my previous work, starting with...


For your consideration, I've written a custom original track for Cyberpunk 2077. My main influences for this track were John Carpenter, Blade Runner (Philip K. Dick), and Neuromancer (William Gibson). My vision of cyberpunk is a dark and dreary world where citizens jack into the net to escape their problematic lives. That's the musical identity I was striving to build.

For audio implementation, I'd export the cue into separate layers so it can change and morph depending on what's happening in the game. It builds up naturally over time as well.

Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation.
— William Gibson


Lullaby of the Moon is the companion piece to Awaken The Sun. The two pieces complete the Celestial Legends EP.

I wanted to tell Diana’s story, but express it in a way where she is not seen as evil. Lullaby of the moon tells the story of Diana’s struggles, and her transformation into a Lunari. Special thanks goes out to my friend Elsie for helping with the vocals.

You’ll notice the ending of the song finishes on a happier note. I wanted to express the feeling of 'sunrise' at the end of the track.


I wrote this custom Leona theme for a composer position at Riot Games. I wanted to express Leona’s Rakkor heritage and the Solari legend, so I incorporated those themes into the composition through roaring drums and heroic passages.

Ultimately I didn't get the composer position, however this track spurred me to write Lullaby of the Moon (shown above).


I wrote the music for this wonderful video game infused commercial for Bank Of Montreal. I focused heavily on chiptune style sounds and tried to make it sound as authentic as possible!


The goal of this pack was to capture the style of old JRPGs that I grew up with, while also modernizing the sound. I took direct inspiration from old SNES games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

I released this loopable music pack for FREE on my website! You can download it here


I got together with MK Ultra for a synthwave collaboration. We decided to go all out and add crazy synth and guitar solos.

This track debuted on NewRetroWave’s first album release, titled Magnatron.


Mooncrest is a single-player story-based fantasy RPG with a focus on real-time tactical combat, cinematic conversations, and challenging puzzles. The team developing the game is made up of former BioWare Veterans, with over 20 years of combined AAA experience. This track is meant to sum up how Epic the world of Mooncrest really is.

I wrote this track for the Mooncrest Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter had to be cancelled.


I wrote the music and created the sound effects for the charming multiplayer game called Last One Standing. The object of the game is to knock over the opposing player's domino. This game was created at Tojam and can be downloaded here.

For the audio implementation, I exported the track into two separate layers. When the match finishes, the top layer fades out and then fades back in once the table resets.

Last One Standing ended up winning the People's Choice Award at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival digiPlaySpace!


#TubClub is a split screen multiplayer game that puts players in control of cute rubber ducks in a bath tub that's slowly draining. Players must use the vortex current in the middle to get the jump on their opponents. I was in charge of creating the music and the sound effects. This game was created at Tojam and can be downloaded here.

For the audio implementation, I exported the intro into a loop-able section before the first build-up. When the player starts the game, the engine plays the build-up section and then starts the match.


Last but not least, please check out this recent sound design demo that I made for Digital Extremes (the makers of Warframe). I enjoy getting very detailed with the atmospheric/world building sound design.

That's all for now! My portfolio sums up who I am as a musician and creative individual. I hope you enjoyed listening to my music, and I hope to hear from you soon!