Thanks for checking out my Portfolio. I've created this page especially for you.


My most recent sound design reel consists of work from one game, Warframe. I created this reel by editing together posts found in the Sound Design section on my website. The video includes a brief description of what I contributed in the bottom left corner.

Warframe is a live service game. Our updates are treated like full releases, and I’m able to work on a variety of different audio tasks. The sound team at Digital Extremes works independently, but also provides constant feedback to help make Warframe’s audio better. I’ve been able to sharpen my sound design skills for player weapons, NPCs, UI, dialog, props, gameplay, world ambience, marketing videos, and in-game cinematics.

I hope this reel communicates the value that I add to Warframe as a sound designer. My mission is to make everything feel as believable as possible through sound, but also audio implementation. We have a custom toolset that’s consistently refined. Proper implementation is just as important as the sounds themselves.

Working on a sci-fi game can be quite the challenge, however I enjoy it because it’s a massive creative playground.

My portfolio sums up who I am as a creative individual and my continued growth. I’m always striving to push the boundaries of creative audio in my field. Please check out other examples on my website if you would like to see more.