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The goal of this pack was to capture the style of old JRPGs that I grew up with, while also modernizing the sound. These tracks were written and produced by me, and are 100% original. Also available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp for listening (those won't loop, but the download below will).

  1. Title Screen - 01:46

  2. Deep Forest - 02:15

  3. Time Cave - 01:25

  4. Town Theme - 03:12

  5. Overworld - 01:23

  6. Evil Gloating - 01:36

  7. Battle Theme - 01:18

  8. Victory Fanfare - 00:20

  9. Boss Battle - 01:38

  10. Lullaby - 01:33

All tracks are provided in uncompressed WAV format. Downloading this pack grants you a Royalty Free License for the music as long as you credit the original artist (CC-BY). Album artwork by Sketchcraft.

Download this pack for FREE below!

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