I decided to answer the follow-up interview questions in my own way. I had a ton of fun playing the game, so please take a look below!

Comment on why you would like to be working as a Sound Designer on Warframe now that you have played the game.


I'd like to work as a sound designer on Warframe so that I can contribute to Warframe's sonic Palette. The game has a very stylized audio signature, and it would be an honour to work on the audio aspect of Warframe's universe.

My personal goal is to work in the professional gaming industry. After playing the game, I can see that Warframe has a LOT of loyal fans. I think it's important to make the game sound great for them.

My beloved Tenno. You look SO COOL!

From a Sound Designer perspective, what do you love about the game? Please provide details.


The Audio World Building

In Warframe, every specific sound effect sounds like it belongs in the world and nothing is out of place. I greatly admire the audio world building and Warframe's sonic palette. It's clear that a lot of time and careful attention went into crafting each sound, from the ambiences, weapons, UI, and the tech (more on that below). The specific factions also have their own set of sounds that are easy to distinguish (Grineer vs. Tenno, etc).

I love the ambiences and the way they set the environmental mood. Players get to explore several unique biomes. Here are some specific examples: 

This metallic space has a big reverb which shows how high the ceilings are and how big the room is.

Sometimes a lack of outer ambience (for good reason) can still set the mood.

I love the subtle rain ambience in this smog filled toxic environment. It's very dark and foreboding.

I can hear unfamiliar birds and wildlife. The ambience in this environment sounds humid.

This snowy biome has very subtle wind ambience, which helps make the environment sound cold.

This metallic space is smaller, so the ambience and reverb make it sound more claustrophobic.


Enemy Locations And Spatialized Reverb

The enemies in Warframe have their own sonic personalities and are fun to fight. In addition, Spatialized environmental reverb and localized audio make it so players can pinpoint where the enemies are located by using sound. This is brilliant, and it adds a layer of depth to Warframe's overall sound design.

I can hear enemies in this room, but I can't see them yet. Where are they hiding?

I can hear faint enemy shouts down this long hallway.

There they are! Enemy shouts get louder the closer I get.


All The Tech Sounds - Wow

The technology in Warframe is very impressive. Environments are littered with futuristic constructs, and I love the look of the spacecraft. The sound design has to capture every intricate detail, and I feel like it does just that!

I love the localized spinning fan/machinery sounds that come from the top half of this space.

The sound that the floor makes when it opens up to reveal the back half of the Liset is wonderful. I specifically love the air piston layer.


The Audio Mix

The audio mix is bombastic and balanced, which helps set the tone/mood of the frenetic gameplay. I especially like the way the dialog mix is handled in the game. When important story elements are presented to the player, the rest of the audio mix gets lowered so everything can be heard clearly. This doesn't interrupt the flow of gameplay!

Lotus is talking to me, so the rest of the audio elements dip down by a couple dB. I can actually hear what she's saying!

What would you change? Please provide details.


Adding Finer Audio Details

I noticed some audio details that were missing as I was playing. This broke the immersion that the game was trying to create for me. Adding finer sound design detail into the game would help immerse the player at a greater level. However, I realize it's all about balancing detail with the time it takes to create assets. There could be bigger priorities to address. 

When the lid from these crates hits the ground, it makes no sound. Adding a sound to the lid would help highten the immersion.

The sound of this waterfall doesn't get louder the closer I get to it. This would greatly heighten the ambience immersion!


The Footsteps Sound The Same On Every Terrain

The footsteps for my Tenno sound the same on every surface I step on. This could be a stylistic choice, but I believe it breaks the game's immersion.

Possible Solution - Map the terrain out into different zones (metal, grass, snow, etc), and have sets of footsteps for each terrain zone.

This metallic surface doesn't sound metallic when I step on it.

This grass/gravel surface sounds like every other surface when I step on it.


Full Capacity Loot Pick-up Sound Effect

There are several kinds of drops in Warframe. Ideally I'd like to pick everything up, however sometimes my carrying capacity is full. I wish there was a subtle/unobtrusive sound that lets me know that I can't pick up the loot when I walk over it. There are already custom sounds when I pick the loot up, so why not the opposite!

There was a lot of loot in this room, but I had to double check what I could/couldn't pick up before exiting.

I wish there was a sound effect set up that subtly tells me I can't pick these up!


Ranking Up 

As I was playing the game, I felt that the sound design for ranking up wasn't strong enough. I believe that the sound design should be more bombastic in this case so the player knows that ranking up is a big deal. This would make the player feel good about their progress! 

Possible Solution - Add a musical audio sting when the player ranks up to reinforce their progress.

I wish the 'RANK UP!' sound cue was bigger sonically so it feels like I've earned it!

What does the Sound experience in Warframe mean to you?


I think the sound experience in Warframe greatly supports the visuals, story, and gameplay. It immerses the player into the Warframe Universe and provides the game with its own audio identity.

For example: the game’s audio changes dynamically during the ebb and flow of gameplay. When battles take place, the audio is loud and exciting (explosions, enemy gunfire, etc). When the player is exploring the environment, the audio is calm and supportive. I believe this allows the world to come to life.

Given my background in the audio industry, I have a deep appreciation for the work that went into creating Warframe's audio. I’m very interested in learning about the process, and how I can contribute to the overall sound experience in the game.

The overall sound experience in the game should support beautiful scenes like this!

What part of the game evoked a strong emotion for you? Please explain why.


The sense of camaraderie by Warframe's community evoked a very strong emotion in me because I don't encounter that kind of helpful spirit very often in online games. I was getting overwhelmed by enemies that were flanking me from all sides during a mission on earth (I had to protect some digging sites). Things weren’t going well, and I was on course to fail the mission. Suddenly, 3 additional players joined my game (players that I didn’t start the mission with), and they proceeded to help me out. We were able to successfully complete all objectives and get to the extraction point!

These were random players and I had no idea they could join my game like that. The Warframe community feels very inviting, and I personally like that aspect of the game.

Part of the squad that swooped in and saved my butt during this dig site mission. I wouldn't have been able to complete it without them!

What would this opportunity mean to you?


I've always wanted to work in the professional gaming industry. Its been a lifelong goal of mine, and one that I won't give up on easily.

I've been slowly building my skills, experience, and knowledge in the hopes of one day getting the opportunity to work on a AAA project. Working at Digital Extremes means that I can fulfill my personal goals and ambitions.

This opportunity means a lot to me because I would finally get to merge my two passions into a fulfilling career; audio and video games.


Please provide a compensation range that you would be seeking for this role.


For this role, I'm seeking a compensation range between $60,000 and $66,000. I'm more than willing to negotiate, and I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

  You could always pay me in Platinum!

You could always pay me in Platinum!